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Stocks are always a great option to earn but you need to know the right tactics to play in it. If you are interested in investing in stocks and looking for the best stock brokers, just check this site. You would find it to be really useful and comprehensive resource of Investment Securities, Investments, Stock & Bond Brokers, Stocks & Bonds, Stocks & Bonds Commodity Brokers, Transfer Agents, Stocks & Bonds Commodity Brokers, Stocks & Bonds, Stock & Bond Brokers, Stock Broker Analyst, Goldman Sachs Stock Broker, Independent Broker Dealer and more. This includes the listings of Stock Brokers Directory and Discount Broker Directory Resource which make this site an information hub.


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Difference between Stocks and Futures

Future options stock market, stock future prices, stock futures index

Are you new in business? Do you know as to what the main difference between doing business and earning a fortune is? There is a very minute difference between them lets checkout where that lies and what that is.

Most of us at some point of life came across stock market isnít that right some or other way we have traded in one or the other way.

Now trading can be recognized as present as well as future trading. In present one an individual can buy and sell as per present available shares and packages from the market.

Some companies also provide offers such as an individual can book shares in advance even before they are launched. In such offers there are some formalities that need to be fulfilled, such paying only commission to broker etc.

Main advantage of getting shares in advance is that when they are actually launched in market you are given shares at price the time you booked them. hence in this way one can get possession of shares in much less price than actually market price and similarly its price may also reduce while they are launched in market hence its risky investing blindly.

Main difference in trading in present and in advance is in the way one pays for it. When you are dealing with present share trading you need money in your share account. As you as you buy or sell shares transaction immediately takes place in your account.

When ever you trade your account balance varies as per your trade. And when you deal with futuristic shares though you donít have adequate balance all you need in your account is margin money. Now from word margin money question must be coming in your mind what is margin money and what does it do?

Following example will give you clear idea what actually margin money means and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Suppose an individual is wishing to buy shares of some company of 100 unit price. He invests 20 units of his own and rest 80 units he has borrowed from a broker wishing margin money 10 units. Now after some time suppose market price of that shares comes down to 85 units than that individual have share of only 5 units in that now. And he also needs to pay back 5 unit per share to broker..

Hence in this way one can invest more amounts but risk involved in this method is also very high. Because if share prices falls very much then one losses investment as well as has to pay back to broker too. Hence one mistake one can go bankrupt in a fort night similarly one can rise from rags to riches by using this technique. Hence for person who wants to invest more but donít have enough capital can use this margin method.

I hope from previous example your concept of margin money is clear now how they can be helpful and how they are very risky at the same time.

Hence in a market you can find two type of investors one are those who invest on own money and are subjected to lose only investment and risk factor as compared to margin method is very less. And one is those who invest partially with the help of brokers and risk factor involved in it is very much high compared all other methods of investing.

Hence as per guidelines of experts one should always invest in such way that risk involved is minimum and benefit is maximum hence all risk methods of investment are preferable.

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